Contract of Employment Template


This Contract of Employment is to be used when you are employing an employee whether on a permanent, temporary or fixed term basis to inform them of their terms and conditions of employment (issue on of before their start date of employment as legally required).  It should be issued along with the Employee Handbook.  The document is governed by the laws of England and Wales. This document covers over 20 contractual and non-contractual terms and conditions of employment. It has been updated in line with the Good Work Plan legal changes in April 2020

Ask us for further support…

  • if you wish to change contractually binding terms and conditions of employment
  • if you wish to add further terms which are not included within this example
  • if you are unsure how to convert this into a Fixed Term or Temporary Contract.
  • to interpret the terms in the contract in relation to any HR queries

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Important Notes

  • All documents are designed and created in a fully editable Word format
  • Our documents are designed as templates only
  • It should be accompanied with the Employee Handbook and suite of policies
  • It is your responsibility to tailor each document to suit the requirements of the individual scenario
  • All text that is greyed out requires your attention and completion
  • If you require any legal advice or further support, then please do not hesitate to get in touch
    (please note this is charged separately).
  • Legal advice may be required to ensure you select and use the right documents, understand how to complete and issue them, know when extra detail needs to be added in or for when you need to be clear on what content is correct and appropriate for what you want to achieve