New Starter Document Mini Bundle


A bundle of 6 downloadable and editable key new starter documents to be used when taking on an employee or casual worker and to be used at the the start of employment.


This suite of new starter documents are designed to be used when you are taking on an employee or casual worker. In this bundle you will get the following documents via a downloadable link that you can access immediately:

  • Job Offer Letter Template  – This should accompany the Contract of Employment. This template makes the assumption that the offer of employment is conditional subject to the receipt of two satisfactory references, passing of the probationary period and proof of eligibility to work.
  • New Starter Form – This can be used to capture essential employee details such as address, bank details, referee details and more.  Remember, compliance with GDPR is essential when managing your employee’s data.
  • Employer Reference Request Form –  This form can be sent to the employee’s employment referee
  • Character Reference Request Form – This form can be sent to the employee’s character referee if they do not have more than one employment referee
  • Induction Checklist  – This give you a list of things that should be covered off as part of the induction process. It can be adapted to suit your own business.
  • Job Description Template – This is where you outline the key tasks and person specification of the employee.  A copy of it should be provided to your employee to help ensure they know what is expected of them.

Upon purchase, you will receive links for the documents within the bundle, where you will be able to instantly download your documents.  The links to your documents will expire in seven days from purchase. These templates can be used as is, or amended to suit your business.

Important Notes

  • All documents are designed and created in a fully editable Word format
  • Our documents are designed as templates only.
  • It is your responsibility to tailor each document to suit the requirements of the individual scenario.
  • If you require any HR advice or further support, then please do not hesitate to get in touch
    (please note this is charged separately).
  • HR or Legal advice may be required to ensure you select and use the right documents, understand how to complete and issue them, know when extra detail needs to be added in or for when you need to be clear on what content is correct and appropriate for what you want to achieve.